Frequently asked question

1. What is RedMonkey ? serves as an innovative GPT (Get-Paid-To) platform, collaborating with prominent market research firms. This partnership creates a remarkable opportunity for individuals worldwide to effortlessly earn money by engaging in various activities such as surveys, games, and other online tasks.

2. What is the coins value on RedMonkey ?

3. How can I verify my account ?

4. How to earn money on RedMonkey ?

5. How long do withdrawals take to process ?

6. Can I use a VPN to access better surveys ?

7. Can I have multiple accounts ?

8. Why are my coins held for 30 days ?

9. I’ve completed my app offer but I haven’t received my coins

10. What is the minimum withdrawal amount I can make ?

11. I have chosen wrong cash out option, what can I do ?

12. How do I contact RedMonkey for help ?

13. Can I cash out during weekends ?

14. Can I withdraw crypto to any wallet ?

15. Why is my total available coins a minus figure ?

16. How can I delete my account ?

17. How do I get onto Leaderboard ?

18. Can I change my username on RedMonkey ?

19. Does RedMonkey have an app for IOS and Android ?

20. Do you have a referral program ?

21. How can I change my password ?

22. Where can I view all my previous transactions ?

23. Where can I view all my previous awarded Coins ?

24. Does RedMonkey give free coins ?

25. Why am I not accepted for every survey ?

26. I completed a survey and haven’t been awarded my coins.

27. There was an error in my Survey, I got timed out, what should I do ?

28. Can I cashout if my account is not verified ?

29. My account has been blocked, why ?

30. Where can I find a copy of your Terms and Service Conditions ?

31. Is my personal data provided to RedMonkey safe ?

32. Where is my personal data stored, is it safe ?

33. Can I post questions on chat forums or in support using any language ?

34. Can I post my referral link and links to other external links in the chat forums ?

35. Why am I not getting the credits for an offer?